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Storyteller: Video


"I've always loved writing. I have journals filled to the very last page and google docs with scenes and scripts that haven't been seen by anyone but me. Well 2020 taught me that there is beauty in just taking the step."

Photos by Olivia Brooks

Storyteller: My Work


a series of seven

Covid-Love is a series of seven short scenes showcasing how love has shown up during COVID-19. 

The first short scene, Chocolate Milk, will bring you into the Google classroom as a teacher and student discover the power of loss, love, and peace while sipping their morning cup of joe. 

This series was developed due to Jacque's participation in Long Wharf Theater's new 8-week dramatic writing workshop, "The Play Writers" hosted by artist-in-residence, UNIVERSES. As a playwright, Jacque was led by UNIVERSES' founders/artistic directors, Steven Sapp and Mildred Ruiz-Sapp. A group of 12 creatives began to write to break the boundaries of traditional theatre, while finding community and family amongst each other.

Production premiere, October 21


Vintage Soul Productions' 

Quick Quarantine Play Festival 

In round 1 of the Quick Quarantined Play Festival (QQPF), Jacque sat down in front of the laptop and wrote for the first time, UNDER PRESSER. As a playwright, she had 24hrs to create THREE monologues. Each piece had to encompass the given topic and include words from a given word bank. There was no time for delay. Jacque had to get to work and that's what she did. Click the link below for more information about the QQPF. 

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